Hitting the UK professional bakery market in time for the lead up to Easter, British Bakels’ Fudgy Brownie Mix is the bakery ingredient experts’ new exciting introduction. Available in 12.5kg bags, the latest innovation can be found through bakery wholesalers from March 2023.

The new mix offers busy bakers a highly convenient way to wow their customers. Simply add water and oil to deliver mouth-watering American-style fudgy brownies with a rich and moist centre and a delicious chewiness. Made with Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa, British Bakels’ Fudgy Brownie Mix can simply be baked on either a sheet or foil trays and produces brownies with an irresistible cracked top. 

It is also extremely versatile, allowing bakers to make a variety of finished products, from traditional brownies, to something a little more unique and indulgent like ice cream, millionaires or salted caramel brownie sandwiches – perfect for creating incredible brownie selection boxes for shoppers to share on social media.

Hybrid combinations are gaining traction, with the UK’s top five flavours for sweet baked goods, according to Innova, being milk chocolate, dark chocolate, red raspberry, vanilla and chocolate chip. But orange, white chocolate, salted caramel, raisin and almond are also gaining in popularity. British Bakels’ Fudgy Brownie Mix allows bakers to get creative with ingredients, as well as capitalise on these flavour trends by finishing the Fudgy Brownies with British Bakels’ Millionaires Caramel or Fudgice in rich chocolate, white or toffee, giving customers an extra touch of affordable indulgence with their sweet treat.

“This is the perfect time to be bringing out our new Fudgy Brownie Mix,” said Michael Schofield, Marketing Manager for British Bakels. “Familiar and comforting sweet treats like brownies remain extremely popular with British consumers, especially at a time where consumers are turning to food that can give them that little ‘lift’. With British Bakels’ new Fudgy Brownie Mix, bakers can give their existing customers a boost, win new fans, and get shoppers coming back for more.”

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