Dawn Foods has launched a simple to use Brioche Concentrate to which operators just add flour, eggs, water and yeast to produce a range of soft eating, rich sweet breads – from Hot Cross Buns and Panettone to traditional brioche loaves and buns.

The Dawn Brioche Concentrate delivers a delicious, rich and buttery flavour with a hint of lemon. It has a light, open texture too giving a soft eating finished bun that holds inclusions such as dried fruit or chocolate well. 

Dawn recommends finishing with Dawn Unishine or Emulshine egg free glaze for the perfect shine. Users can even partner the finished brioche with a cocoa or fruit-based filling and decorate with glossy or cream cheese icing for pick-me-up-appeal.

“Very much on trend, brioche is the viennoiserie product of the moment”, explained Jacqui Passmore, Marketing Manager at Dawn Foods UK and Ireland.

“The growth in the category is being fuelled by the product’s versatility across many different eating opportunities – it can be a morning goods option, a burger carrier or a handheld snacking product. Dawn’s versatile Brioche Concentrate opens up these many different sales avenues for bakers and caterers from one mix”.

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