Earth & Wheat has undergone its first brand refresh which includes a new positioning and visual identity as it celebrates its second birthday.

The start-up was founded by James Eid in March 2021 when it launched the world’s first ‘wonky bread’ box which sold 10,000 boxes in its first 12 weeks.

Eid, a fourth-generation baker, came up with the concept of rescuing baked goods from going to waste after witnessing the ‘eyewatering’ amount of food thrown away by food manufacturers due to strict shop standards.

The food would have to be binned due to its odd shape or size, unusual colour or appearance or overproduction. This alarmed Eid who launched Earth & Wheat because ‘no good food should go to waste’ and, far from being imperfect, ‘wonky is wonderful’.

The FoodTech business started rescuing baked goods such as pancakes, pitta breads, crumpets and more from Eid’s own family bakery at Signature Flatbreads in Dunstable before onboarding other bakeries across the UK.

The brand has since grown considerably and has added ‘wonky veg’ boxes, rescued from farms to its range, as well as an Artisan Box – its first ‘zero waste’ product which is crafted by hand from carefully selected artisan bakeries – so nothing is wasted.

Now two years on, Earth & Wheat has positioned itself as the ‘sustainable premium grocery subscription box that gives back’ with a new ‘Taste More. Waste Less.’ slogan as part of a brand relaunch. The focus has moved away from specifically ‘wonky bread’ however its range will continue to include both bread which is rescued from bakeries and vegetables that are redistributed from farms.

Earth & Wheat is now working with new high-quality sustainable food partners to source other produce which is more environmentally beneficial for the planet. This means the brand can offer its customers even more choice with exciting premium food lines to be added soon, while pursuing its core mission of reducing food waste at the point of production.

The subscription options of weekly, fortnightly, every three weeks or once a month remain the same and this can still be paused or stopped at any time.

Earth & Wheat will continue to donate one meal for every box sold to food charities which redistribute surplus food to schools, community groups, tenant, and housing associations and more.

Founder Eid, now 22, said: “It’s ethically the right thing to buy Earth & Wheat if you care about the planet, cutting waste from the supply chain and helping your community. It’s more than a product choice – it’s a set of values, a movement, that we’re aiming to continue further.

“Earth & Wheat is the leading company in this space. We were the first to launch a ‘wonky bread’ box in the UK and our brand and products are now the go-to place for thousands of customers.

“We are a force for good, which supports communities, helping to address food waste, sustainability, accessibility and we’re constantly innovating to do more with less.”

Across its brand assets, the Earth & Wheat logo has evolved to maintain equity with a brand mark which is bold and impactful. The ampersand is now crossed at the top of the wheat symbols in order to build potent semiotics. There is a greater sense of energy and dynamism, which has been designed to work effectively across digital, including social media, and out-of-home advertising. The Earth & Wheat box has also been updated with the new logo and slogan.

The website has been reworked and is now ultra-fast and user friendly to make it even easier for existing customers to manage their subscriptions and orders online.


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Editor: Kiran Grewal