Nestlé Professional and Krispy Kreme have announced a collaboration to create a limited-edition doughnut with Nestlé Toffee Crisp.

The Toffee Krispy ring doughnut features chocolate, soft caramel, and crunch from the crispy cereal pieces. The full range includes Toffee Krispy, Sticky Toffee and Toffee nut latte.

In addition, the duo is introducing the Toffee Dozen, featuring the limited-edition doughnuts, and includes the Original Glazed doughnut. They will be available for nationwide delivery until 10 October.

Rob Macklin Nestlé Professional UK & Ireland’s Strategy Development Manager said: “This is our third creation with Krispy Kreme and possibly our tastiest yet! We love to collaborate with our partners to take our much-loved brands into new formats to delight customers. The Krispy Kreme doughnut made with Toffee Crisp offers consumers a new way to enjoy Toffee Crisp and Krispy Kreme and has been fantastically received by lovers of these iconic brands.”