Ingredients supplier Eurostar Commodities is launching a new range of gluten-free clean label tortilla flours for manufacturing, retail, and home use for the creation of tortillas, tacos and wraps.

The flour contains no additives or preservatives and is high in fibre and vegan.

 The clean label range of gluten free flours are made from 100% natural ingredients, gluten free, wheat Free, vegan, high in fibre, allergen free, produced and packed in a gluten & allergen free factory in Yorkshire with 100% recyclable packaging.

Products are available in two varieties White and Brown in sizes 1.5kg, 3kg, or cases of 8×1.5kg & 4x3kg. Ingredients are starch, flour (rice, pea, maize), buckwheat flakes, and vegetable Fibre.

Jason Bull, Director, Eurostar Commodities said: “We recognise that there is a huge opportunity to create a healthier flour for making wraps and tortilla. The market for these products is growing steadily in Europe and predicted to grow by 5.5% by 2027.

“However, the quality of some of these products, and some of the preservatives used are not what consumers want right now. We are seeing continued interest in clean labelling and a movement towards simple, clean, and wholesome foods. This new range will provide the variety and high quality to create many different clean label products for industry and ultimately home cooks and bakers.”

With a focus on producing health and wellness ingredients, Eurostar Commodities has invested £600k in new clean label production facilities at their Yorkshire headquarters. Eurostar’s gluten free clean label Tortilla flour offers a workable dough, and produces soft and flexible flatbreads that smell, feel, and taste ‘just like the real thing’.

Other products include gluten-free, clean-label, plain and self-raising flours, pizza flour, chapatti flour for home cooking and for industry. Further new launches of branded ranges of products are planned for 2022.