AB Mauri has announced that it is introducing the premium confectionery platform PureCraft™ to the UK and Ireland bakery market.

The initial launch of the ‘technically superior and commercially stronger’ platform will see the introduction of seven products, including a Lemon Crème Cake Mix, as well as vegan-certified Doughnut and Muffin Mixes, with further launches scheduled for 2021.

Robert Mullen, Head of Marketing AB Mauri UK & Irelandexplains: “Whether in relation to a bread or confectionery development, we’re very aware that AB Mauri is renowned in the field of bespoke technical product implementation. 

“With PureCraft™ it is our intention that bakers, irrespective of their size, should be afforded the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of technically superior and commercially stronger products.

Over the last year or so, we’ve all been well aware of the impact that COVID-19 has had upon small and medium sized bakers. The PureCraft™ range has been developed with those bakers specifically in mind, with the intention of delivering superb bakery products that will not only improve footfall but will also ensure customers return time after time.”

The intention is to make PureCraft™ the ‘go-to’ brand for all bakers in this sector serious about producing superior confectionery.

Mullen added: “Crafted with care, we’re sure demand for these products will undoubtedly become customer driven, spurred on by their fantastic taste, great mouthfeel, tangible softness and authenticity. With PureCraft™, we believe we’re creating a range of exceptional products from which every baker can benefit.”