MECATHERM, a company that specialises in the design of automatic production lines for industrial bakeries and pastries, has launched Authentik Baguette. 

Described as an ‘ingenious solution’, Authentik Baguette allows manufacturers to meet new expectations of consumers looking for more authentic products, with a product positioned midway between the classic baguette and the artisan-style baguette.

The combination of a new recipe developed by MECATHEM and the associated industrial solutions, MECATHERM proposes a growth driver for its industrial customers who currently produce classic baguettes.

After some adjustments to their production line, MECATHERM provides a solution to produce a quality product. The objective is for the Authentik Baguette to become a new benchmark on the market.

François Retailleau, Product manager for Lines solutions at MECATHERM, said: “Consumers are increasingly looking for quality products and natural recipes. This is a very marked market trend.

 “That is why, in response to this request, our expert bakers worked on a recipe based on simple ingredients. The technical challenge was to make this more delicate type of dough on an industrial scale”.

The Authentik Baguette is a natural product made from basic ingredients: water, flour, salt, yeast and vitamin C. Its hydration rate, which is almost 5% to 10% higher than that of the classic baguette, makes it possible to produce a product that is fully baked in the factory before freezing. With a more hydrated dough, the Authentik Baguette has a shelf life twice as long as a classic baguette.

Olivier Sergent, President of MECATHERM, added: “Industrial baking is changing. Consumer expectations are evolving towards more diversity but also higher quality products, made with more natural ingredients.

“As a French manufacturer and expert in the baguette market, we are proud to have taken up the challenge of the Authentik Baguette. We are convinced that this innovative solution will enable our customers to better meet new market expectations, without compromising their industrial performance, while integrating the new challenges related to sustainable development.”