FruitSmartTM fibre ingredients have been awarded the Upcycled Food Association’s (UFA) new certification mark. FruitSmart specialises in premium fruit-based ingredients. Well regarded for its not-from-concentrate apple juice, its range also includes fibre products from apple and blueberries. They can enhance consumer appeal, for example by enabling health claims, as well as providing manufacturing functionality such as moisture retention. ​  

Furthermore, because the fibres are produced from materials left over from FruitSmart’s Cold-Press fruit pressing, they can be labelled as upcycled. FruitSmart was one of the brands that participated in the UFA’s Upcycled Certification pilot program in 2021. It has now been awarded the organisation’s certification mark, which highlights upcycled ingredients. This helps manufacturers meet a growing market need – with 30% of food globally going to waste, 60% of consumers want to buy more upcycled products.

Exhibiting on Booth #S4606 at IFT Expo 2022 (10-13 July, Chicago), FruitSmart will showcase a range of innovative concepts highlighting new ways of thinking about how fruit and fruit fibre can be used in food and beverage applications. They will demonstrate how they can be paired with other ingredients, such as protein, which can allow dual or multiple health claims, as well as improving texture and mouthfeel. The novel concepts will demonstrate FruitSmart’s focus on solutions and its ability to turn ideas into reality.

They will include: 

·         A protein drink with apple fibre and raspberry – a smart blend that delivers great flavour and colour, as well as health benefits 
·         A protein bar bite with blueberry fibre, blueberry pieces and DS Cherry juice concentrate – a combination that offers great texture and moisture retention, as well as allowing dual health claims 
·         A deli cracker with apple fibre which delivers amazing taste as well as allowing health claims 
·         A cranberry fibre and white chocolate coated cranberry biscotti containing cranberry pieces, cranberry powder and cranberry juice concentrate.  

Wayne Lutomski, President of FruitSmart, said: “Upcycled ingredients help overcome food waste by creating value from materials that would otherwise be discarded. It’s emblematic of how FruitSmart is passionate about getting creative with fruit, as well as helping make our customers’ ideas real. In addition to its health benefits, fruit can provide exciting texture and mouthfeel, and classic flavours – often with an exotic or intriguing twist. Our goal is to open people’s minds to what’s possible – we want them to say, ‘I didn’t know you could do that with fruit!’” 

Other FruitSmart concepts at IFT will include apple clusters – in which apple chips cluster together for a delicious snack – and a cherry ginger tea. The company will also showcase vegetable and botanical ingredients, demonstrating its expanded product offering, concept development expertise and potential as a one-stop shop for manufacturers.

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Editor: Kiran Grewal