Sonneveld launches Easy Go Keg for North America’s professional baking community during this year’s International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) at the Las Vegas Convention Centre on September 17-21. Easy Go Keg is a complete stand-alone system for flawless, quick and easy apply of release agents. The result is superior pastries, bread and confectionery—a perfect release at a low cost-in-use, a longer shelf-life and fewer rejects. Sonneveld, an international market leader in bakery-ingredient solutions with over 65 years’ experience, presents Easy Go Keg on Booth #7554 at IBIE in partnership with national distributor foodguys.

The system’s convenient spray gun and adjustable pressure settings enable bakers to apply consistent, concentrated doses of release agent on baking molds, tins, trays and conveyer belts in an efficient way. The spray pattern also reduces fogging in the bakery and keeps the environment clean and hygienic.

Sonneveld’s Goldwax Easy Go Air Mix is an organic, kosher and vegetable-based universal release agent, offering high release power. It is distributed in branded 20 L KeyKegs that fit comfortably into the system. KeyKeg is the sustainable, ready-to-use closed-system packaging, suitable for dispensing and dosing almost all liquids, including edible oils, liquid yeast, flavorings and cooking ingredients.

KeyKeg features a unique fitting and laminated, leakproof, airtight inner barrier against gasses, humidity and UV light. These also keep the release agent and compressed air separate, preserving Goldwax quality, maximizing its shelf life and allowing doses to almost the last drop. Strong, damage-resistant double walls also protect the release agent against physical, biological and chemical damage.

Jorrit de Bruin, Category Manager Release Agents, Sonneveld Group B.V.: “By combining our Goldwax high-quality releasing agent with our Easy Go Keg system, a perfect release at a lower cost is now achievable for any bakery. This would not have been possible without KeyKeg as a core part of the system.”

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