Food ingredients manufacturer Macphie has launched a new plant-based cream alternative in order to cater to the rising vegan demand.  

Available in 12 x 1litre cases, the Plant-based Cream Alternative is vegan certified, whips to three times its volume and is freeze-thaw stable once combined with sugar and whipped.

It can be used straight from the carton or whipped to create a range of desserts or confectionary fillings or toppings. It can also be used in an espuma gun to finish hot or cold drinks including soya and almond milk lattes or hot chocolates.

According to Macphie, the cream alternative can’t be overwhipped, supports the addition of flavours and colours, including alcohol, and can used in a range of applications from cheesecakes, tiramisu, mille-feuille and cakes.

Macphie’s Head of Marketing, Anna Massie, commented: “With the big high street chains offering vegan cakes, and supermarkets expanding their ranges every day, the bakery sector simply can’t afford to miss out on this key trend.

“As a go-to food partner, we want to make sure our range caters for free-from diets that respects consumer choices and provides variety without compromising on quality or taste.”

This new development joins Macphie’s 39-strong existing vegan product offering which now includes a Plant-based Glaze for sweet and savoury bakes, vegan cake mixes and frostings.

Anna said: “Sometimes food trends come and go within months, but other times they create a fundamental change in how we live.”