Country Crock® has announced the launch of their Plant Cream, a new plant-based alternative to dairy heavy whipping cream that can be used in endless cooking and baking recipes. The newest innovation offers a no-sacrifice substitute with an easy 1:1 swap with dairy, elevating meals to be more rich and flavourful.

Their new Plant Cream is the latest extension of the Country Crock Plant Based line of dairy-free and vegan products. In addition to being dairy-free, Country Crock Plant Cream is soy-free and certified plant-based by the Plant Based Foods Association (PFBA). With 29% less saturated fat than dairy heavy whipping cream, it’s the perfect plant-based heavy cream replacement.

“Country Crock Plant Cream is a must-have, secret weapon ingredient to have in the kitchen. Its versatility and delicious taste make it perfect for vegetarians, dairy intolerant or plant curious consumers,” said Natalie Cooper, Brand Lead, Country Crock.

“We believe that once consumers make the switch, they will find surprising ways to enjoy it, including reheating leftovers, making ultra-creamy pastas, or baking a delicious dessert.”

To celebrate the new Plant Cream, Country Crock recently launched the “We Defied Dairy” campaign. This campaign demonstrates how Country Crock Plant Cream along with Country Crock Plant Butter is made with delicious plant-powered ingredients, giving customers all the taste of heavy whipping cream and butter but without the heaviness of dairy. The campaign includes spots on Connected TV, Linear TV, and digital platforms.

Country Crock Plant Cream is available nationally at Kroger and soon to be Publix as well as regionally in retailers including Price Chopper, Piggly Wiggly Alabama, Albertsons, Safeway and United Supermarkets.

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Editor: Kiran Grewal