New research reveals that more than half of brits (54 percent) would choose sweet snacks over salty, with the humble chocolate biscuit (60 percent) emerging as the snack most likely to satisfy a sweet tooth.  

Victoria Sponge (36 percent), custard creams (34 percent), chocolate fudge cake (43 percent) and sticky toffee pudding (32 percent) made up the top five snacks for sugar loving Brits yet 46 percent of the 1,500 Brits surveyed disagree, claiming you cannot beat a savoury snack, with bacon sarnies (53 percent), ready salted crisps (48 percent) and cheese on toast (47 percent) topping the list of ultimate salty pleasures.  

However, sweet definitely wins the day, as more than two thirds (67 percent) of Brits always opt for a sweet dessert over a cheese board in a restaurant. 55 percent of the sweet-toothed Britons polled said they know that too much added sugar is bad for them, but find it hard to resist, while a further 43 percent said they knew that sweet treats were unhealthy.  In fact, 53 percent admit they struggle ALL THE TIME not to give into their sugar cravings – with the average Brit having four cravings every day, according to the survey conducted by Pink Lady apples. 

Lynn Shaw from Pink Lady, which conducted the research said: “It’s no surprise to us that we’re a nation of sweet-toothed snackers, but it’s sad to think that so many people feel like they are constantly struggling not to give in to their cravings. Having a sweet tooth doesn’t need to be an unhealthy thing if you choose a healthy, naturally sweet snack like a piece of fruit.”

 Also included among a list of Brit’s favourite sweet treats were iced buns (28 percent), fizzy cola bottles (27 percent), toffee popcorn (25 percent) and apple crumble (23 percent). The research also found that the average Brit takes one teaspoon of sugar in their cup of tea. 

Yet, salty fans prefer getting their savoury fix with chips with lashings of salt and vinegar (44 percent), a plate of cheese and biscuits (42 percent), fried chicken (39 percent) and a classic cheese and ham toastie (34 percent).  

Juliette Kellow, Registered Dietitian, said: “Compared with many other sweet snacks, an apple has fewer calories and is fat free. It’s also more satisfying to eat as it comes with the added benefit of fibre. The crunchy nature of apples also means they need a lot of chewing. Studies show this helps to slow down the speed we eat and improves satiety, that feeling of fullness after we’ve eaten. That’s important because the longer we feel fuller, the less likely we are to want to snack again.” 

Meanwhile the research reveals that the sweet tooth capital of the UK is Stoke on Trent (where 67 percent of residents say they prefer sweet to savoury), followed by Oxford (62 percent) and Birmingham (59 percent). And Geordies are the most likely to be fans of savoury tastes, with 68 percent of respondents from Newcastle upon Tyne favouring savoury and salty over sweet. 


  1. Chocolate biscuits 60%
  2. Chocolate fudge cake 43%
  3. Victoria sponge cake 36%
  4. Custard creams  34%
  5. Sticky toffee pudding 32%
  6. Sweet popcorn  30%
  7. Iced buns  28%
  8. Pain au chocolat 28%
  9. Salted caramel ice cream 28%
  10. Wine gums  27%
  11. Fizzy cola bottles 27%
  12. Jelly babies  26%
  13. Toffee popcorn  25%
  14. Honeycomb  24%
  15. Apple crumble  23%
  16. Fresh strawberries 22%
  17. Toffees    22%
  18. Jam tarts   21%
  19. Sugary cereal  19%
  20. Pineapple chunks  17%

The survey of 1,500 Brits by Perspectus Global on behalf of Pink Lady apples was commissioned in March 2022.

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Editor: Kiran Grewal