AMF Bakery Systems (AMF), manufacturer of high-speed automated food processing solutions, announces the launch of the new AMF Tromp artisan sheeted bread line. The line will be on display at the International Bakery Exhibition (IBA) in Munich, Germany, from 22 to 26 October 2023. The new line features major upgrades designed to simplify maintenance, optimise process control, and reduce energy and water consumption while delivering sophisticated artisan-style results.

Faster and smarter operations

Building on AMF Tromp’s more than three decades of expertise, this new integrated system enables high-speed production and improved process control from mixing to de-panning. The line has a capacity of up to 4,000 kg of dough per hour and handles a range of speciality and high-moisture doughs with ease. This is due in part to AMF Tromp’s patented flour applicator, which adds flour to the sides of the dough sheet to improve flow. This eliminates the need for oil on the production line, even when working with ‘sticky’ dough, reducing mess. 

The upgraded line helps bakeries meet consumer demand for artisan-style bread products while minimising waste and labour. The simplified modular design, with no need for additional tooling, means operators can achieve extremely fast changeovers. This allows for multiple changes per day with minimal delays. The system’s ‘toolless sanitation’ design makes changeovers even faster, allowing for easy cleaning and access to all parts of the line for maintenance. The AMF Tromp system complies with the EHEDG hygienic design guidelines. 

Meeting the needs of modern bakeries

The new line has been developed following extensive research, responding directly to bakers’ requirements. It offers full modular flexibility, compatibility with other AMF Bakery Systems products, and a range of precision tooling. This includes an inline rounder capable of producing boules of up to 1 kg and a top and bottom brush system to remove excess flour. Many make-up and decoration features are available, such as top and bottom seeding, automated inline water splitting and precision moulding for products of different shapes and sizes.

Targeting reduced environmental impact

More sustainable production was another key design consideration, with features that help reduce waste, and water and energy consumption. One example is the dough centring unit, which ensures minimal dough trimming, resulting in less waste. Other design improvements and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance product accuracy further reduce dough waste. The system’s ‘open’ design also means less water and energy are required for cleaning. 

Visitors to the forthcoming International Bakery Exhibition will be able to see the AMF Tromp artisan sheeted bread line live and learn more from the experts at AMF Bakery Systems.

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