Yummo’s has announced it has launched the latest product in their high protein, low sugar, plant powered snack range: the Dough Dreamer soft-baked protein cookie, Kennedy’s Bakery Production learns.

Protein cookies haven’t seen a lot of love in the UK, with current options being either too big, stodgy, expensive or heavy with that protein-powder aftertaste. But Yummo’s are looking to change that. 

With a soft cocoa dough and chunks of vegan chocolate, the 50g cookies are the perfect option for a grab-and-go sweet treat. And, as with all Yummo’s snacks, the company assures they are completely healthy. 

The first flavour in the range is Double Choc Chip, and each cookie has 10g protein, less than 2g sugar and is 168 kcals, as well as being plant powered. 

Yummo’s CEO and Founder Hassan Muzaffar commented: “We’re so excited to launch the Dough Dreamer cookie and give people another high protein, low sugar, healthy snacking option. As well as having great macros, taste and texture come first and foremost for Yummo’s, so we knew this Double Choc Chip flavour had to not only be really delicious but feel like an indulgent treat too. They also taste incredible after 10 seconds in the microwave!” 

Dough Dreamer joins Yummo’s healthy snack range alongside the Mmmm! protein bars and Spoonful of Awesome protein cereal. 

The cookies launched on Monday 28 November and a box of 12 is available from www.eatyummos.com for £18.00, with 20% off for first-time customers. 

About Yummo’s 

Yummo’s say they are building the most fun (and loved!) nutrition brand on the planet by flipping the script on the world’s favourite guilty pleasures with high protein, low sugar, plant powered snacks. Their Spoonful of Awesome cereal, Mmmm! protein bars and Dough Dreamer protein cookies mean consumers no longer need to choose between great taste, quality nutrition or being plant powered. 

The team behind Yummo’s have worked for some of the nutrition industry’s biggest names, including Myprotein, Huel, Grenade and Waterdrop.

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