Symrise has unveiled its Symlife platform, that will be the umbrella for its taste balancing solutions that help create good-for-you products that do not compromise on taste.

According to Symrise, these tailored solutions fit the specific needs of food and beverage manufacturers, enabling Symlife to help create new and reformulated products that consumers love.

By carefully optimising a product’s overall flavour profile, Symlifehelps manufacturers close the taste gap of products with reduced sugar, salt and fat content. The Symlife portfolio is also designed to help with masking undesirable notes like bitterness or astringency while improving mouth feel, juiciness and fruitiness, building umami or adding further sensations.

Leif Jago, Global Marketer at Symrise, commented: “Achieving great overall taste in sugar-reduced food and beverages can be complex. Our expertise in natural taste balancing helps manufacturers to develop low sugar and low-calorie products that combine health benefits with great taste. This achieves the elusive goal of making highly appealing tastes part of a healthy, sustainable diet.”