In 2021, Lotus Bakeries Group’s consolidated turnover increased by EUR 87 million to EUR 750.3 million, representing 13.1% growth. The 13% growth in the first half of the year therefore continued unabated in the second half. Positive exchange rate effects amount to 0.6%. The three strategic pillars, Lotus Biscoff, Lotus Natural Foods and Lotus Local Heroes, all made a positive contribution to this strong growth. Such consistently high growth confirms once more that the focused strategy is working and reinforces Lotus Bakeries’ conviction in the international growth ambitions set for both Lotus Biscoff and Lotus Natural Foods.

Lotus Biscoff, the Group’s first and largest strategic pillar, grew by 15% this year. The first half of the year was influenced by the positive impact of the reopening of the hospitality sector and the partial recovery of air traffic in the US. In the second half of the year, the international expansion of Lotus Biscoff Cookies, Lotus Biscoff Spread and Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream continued unabated. This year saw double digit growth in the large consumer markets of the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), China, Korea, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada and Australia, among other areas. Lotus Biscoff Cookies were the strongest riser in the top ten of the global Cookie Brand ranking in 2021, rising to 7th place.

CEO, Jan Boone looks back on 2021:

“At the end of 2021 we are able to present another very good report. Lotus Bakeries realised historic turnover growth of EUR 87 million and Lotus Biscoff has climbed to 7th place in the global Cookie Brand Ranking. The enormous growth of Lotus Natural Foods has even exceeded my expectations, particularly the continued growth in the second half of the year. This has further reinforced my conviction that there is still plenty of potential for the Lotus Natural Foods brands. Investing in the future will remain crucial. For Lotus Biscoff, this means first and foremost making sure that the capacity expansions are delivered in 2022 and that opportunities for further longer-term expansion are identified.”

Following an initial launch in four countries in 2020, the Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Cookie has been rolled out further internationally over the past 12 months. This innovation is highly successful and the cookie has become a firm favourite in the assortment over the past two years. It is currently sold in 25 countries and is a major booster for Lotus Biscoff’s incremental penetration in each country. In the second half of 2022, a new production line will become operational in the Belgian factory in Lembeke, to support the strong growth of the Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Cookie. Lotus Biscoff Spread and Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream also experienced strong growth in 2021. The success of Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream is due to the unique Lotus Biscoff taste and associated experience enjoyed by consumers. This makes the ice cream a good ambassador for Lotus Biscoff Cookies. Following the initial launch of Lotus Biscoff Chocolate in Belgium, this will also be internationalised from 2022. The first countries where the chocolate will be introduced are the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (US), France and the Netherlands.

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Editor: Kiran Grewal