A survey of craft bakers for the CBA indicates the business benefits that Halloween can deliver for the sector, with nearly half of bakers (49%) seeing a significant increase in sales during this time.

Whilst Halloween sales are lower in comparison to other festive periods such as Christmas and Easter, 1 in 10 bakers say their Halloween sales are equal to Christmas and 1 in 10 reveal they sell more over Halloween than at Easter.

Eighty percent of bakers are planning to offer themed products – with cupcakes being the most popular (67%), followed by biscuits (43%), then cookies (33%).

To maximise the potential of Halloween, 25% of bakers have indicated they plan to start selling their Halloween range as early as September, with the remainder displaying Halloween bakery throughout October.

Karen Dear, Director of Operations at Craft Bakers Association: “It’s great to see bakers making the most of opportunities like Halloween. Craft bakers are able to create high-quality, unique products for seasonal events like Halloween – that their customers know are made locally and have proven provenance. As the Halloween occasion continues to grow in popularity for the whole of the retail space, I am confident that our members will also continue to maximise the opportunity this brings.”

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