Dawn Foods has announced that it has further expanded its vegan-suitable ingredients options with the launch of a range of gelatine-free Fonds to stabilise non-dairy and plant-based creams for use in mousses, bavarois and desserts. This versatile fond can also be with dairy cream.

With Dawn Balance Gelatine Free Fonds, bakers can stabilise, gelatinise, flavour, and sweeten cream in finished products without using animal gelatine. This makes the finished products suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians, as well as saving costs on buying in different ingredients.

The new Fonds are available in Fruity, ideal for mixing with fruity flavours, sweet, for use with non-fruit flavours and chocolate, ideal for chocolate flavour applications.

They can be used with dairy, non-dairy or plant-based creams with no compromise on performance, Dawn says.

Bakers add the powdered gelatine-free Fond to the chosen base flavour – a compound, fruit puree or liquid for example ­– mixing together with water and whipped dairy cream for a vegetarian bavarois or mousse or whipped dairy-free cream for a vegan alternative.