Looking at a combination of classic cakes and some of the most viral bakes on TikTok, Mason Cash has created a new Bakeability score. By creating an index from an average of TikTok views and Google search data over time, they can reveal which bakes they predict will triumph in 2023.

As part of the research, Mason Cash wanted to explore whether traditional bakes would be usurped by TikTok’s viral bakes. Do Brits still love a Victoria sponge or will cloud bread become the new normal? The data can reveal that cinnamon rolls had the highest combination of searches and TikTok virality; the Scandinavian sweet treat has swirled its way into pole position. What goes up, has to come down… the cute concept of “pancake cereal” has amassed 1.7 billion views on TikTok, yet in October 2022 only 320 people search for the breakfast phenomenon in the UK.  

Additional data revealed: 

·       Banana bread wasn’t just for lockdown – it was searched on Google by 90,500 people each month (with no change year on year) 

·       2022 saw a renewed interest in classic bakes with a 22% increase in searches for Victoria sponge and a 23% increase in searches for lemon drizzle.  

·       But the real star baker ‘no bake cheesecake’ saw a whopping 49% increase in monthly searches YoY. 

Commenting on the results Diana Halim, Brand Marketing Manager for the Rayware Group, said: “We’re predicting big things for 2023 and baking. The rise of TikTok opens a world of opportunity for imaginative bakers and we’ve seen a growing popularity of cinnamon rolls and mind-bending cloud bread alike. However, in 2023, we predict that traditional bakes such as Victoria sponge and carrot cake will remain popular alongside these experimental bakes as Brits seek comfort in nostalgic favourites. A 49% increase in searches for ‘no bake cheesecake’ was no coincidence in the midst of an energy crisis – watch this space for more imaginative no-bake bakes!” 

The full forecast, research into bakes through time and why these bakes are going to be popular in 2023 can be found on the Mason Cash blog.  

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