Research undertaken by Chicago Town has identified fruit as a new go-to pizza topping – and not just pineapple. To celebrate this growing trend, the brand has released a new Sausage & Blueberry Deep Dish pizza. 

The research revealed that pizza lovers are keen to get a taste of fruity freshness on pizza, with blueberries and figs now sitting alongside pineapple as a trending topping.

In response to the increasing popularity of more left-field toppings, Chicago Town will be sampling its new sausage and blueberry pizza at four major UK festivals this summer.

Commenting on the move, Rachel Bradshaw, Marketing Manager at Chicago Town said:“We’re always looking to excite pizza lovers with new and exciting flavours and concepts, so we keep a watchful eye on the latest trends. 

“The age-old ‘pineapple on a pizza’ debate continues, but it’s so interesting to see this evolve into other wacky and wonderful toppings too. Our trips to Chicago inspired our festival exclusive sausage and blueberry Deep Dish.”

Other innovative trends to watch out for in 2022 include spice – via the likes of hot honey, and slow cooked meats, as customers look to refresh their pizza eating experience.