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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | December 7, 2019

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Hovis awards Abbey Logistics UK distribution contract

Hovis awards Abbey Logistics UK distribution contract

Hovis has awarded Abbey Logistics a UK contract to provide bulk flour distribution for their bakeries in the Midlands and South. 

As part of a competitive process, one of the most recognised brands Hovis, has chosen Abbey Logistics, the UK's largest bulk food powder tanker company to provide their bakeries with bulk flour distribution.

Chris Harrop, Hovis Milling Supply Chain Director, commented on the partnership:  “We needed a transport provider with expertise, experience and the ability to drive supply chain service to ensure that Hovis can in turn deliver to our customers and consumers".

The contract is set to significantly benefit Hovis with Abbey Logistics investing in new equipment, while adding value by proving flexible distribution and giving an emphasis to data-driven improvement.

Steve Granite, Abbey Logistics, CEO said : “We are delighted that Hovis selected us to deliver this prestigious contract and look forward to providing the company with a dynamic and flexible service that enhances its quality of service."

The partnership will mean all existing bulk distribution employers at Hovis will be transferred Abbey Logistics.

Harrop adds: "Abbey also demonstrated its commitment to us through its fleet investment and we were impressed by the company’s ability to capture and analyse real-time data which will deliver increased operational flexibility.”