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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | January 17, 2021

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WALTER takes a digital step forward

WALTER takes a digital step forward

WALTERWERK has been busy rethinking its strategy in light of the COVID-19 pandemic by introducing a new digital offering to its customers.

Like most companies, WALTERWERK KIEL, a well-known manufacturer of wafer baking machinery for customers in over 80 countries, had to rethink its strategy this year as the trade fairs were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meeting face-to-face was not an option, so WALTER decided to invite its customers to an online Digital Show, consisting of individual web meetings where the innovations from the company were presented.

For the WALTER team, it was important not just to inform about the new features, but to also stay in touch and have the time to talk to each customer across the world, as they are going through this global crisis. The Digital Show was a success and a lot of customers took advantage of the opportunity to get a preview of all the innovations at WALTER.

The main focus this year is on a range of digital services. The new WALTER Smart Services App (available for both Android and iOS) with voice translation and other features has already proved its worth. Due to the travel ban, machine installations could not be carried out on site, but with the help of the new app and very dedicated staff both at WALTER and the customers, the company managed to successfully install machines remotely, a feat which no one would have attempted just last year.

In addition, WALTER will soon be rolling out the MyWALTER client portal for better access to documentation and troubleshooting tutorials, as well as an electronic spare part catalogue to ease part identification and inquiries.

WALTER is now also offering an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) solution and an OPC UA interface for improved and digitalised overview of the effectiveness of the machinery, helping managers optimise their production.

Apart from the digital innovations, WALTER has also been busy developing machinery for new products. The company is especially proud of its new JUPITER line for folded sugar cones. This product is traditionally from Spain (therefore also called Spanish cones) and the large, thin wafer sheet and folded top gives it a premium bite and a beautiful shape, which has made it interesting for customers worldwide. These characteristics have, however, made high-speed production unachievable in the past, but WALTER has now broken this barrier with their new 5,000 c/h production line.

All the new features and more developments will be presented on the upcoming trade fairs and WALTER hopes to be able to greet both potential and trusted partners face-to-face once again.