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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | August 18, 2019

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Unigrains purchases Mecatherm

Unigrains purchases Mecatherm

Unigrains, the agri-food and agro-industry investor has acquired Mecatherm, a leader in industrial baking equipment, after obtaining the necessary regulatory authorisations.

Mecatherm designs, develops, assembles and installs ovens, machines, and automated production lines for fresh or frozen, cooked or pre-cooked breads, cakes and pastries, all around the world.

This ‘strategic’ acquisition reinforces Unigrains’ position in the grain industry value chain, constituting a new, strategic axis, complementary to its private equity activities and aimed at enhancing its expertise and know-how.

Operating at the heart of Unigrains’ ecosystem, Mecatherm is led by a high quality and motivated management team, in place since 2015.

The acquisition of Mecatherm will enable Unigrains to: reinforce its international network, thanks to the experience acquired in nearly 70 countries and a presence in the USA, Mexico and Malaysia; better understand the needs of global demand for bread products and better adapt, in synergy with the other entities of the French Grain Growers Association; and to become one of the leading promoters of French savoir-vivre around the world for high quality bread products

Mecatherm is set to benefit from Unigrains’ unique sector knowledge, international network and financial expertise, notably for external growth opportunities that the company hopes to seize to consolidate its future development. Unigrains holds the totality of Mecatherm’s capital, alongside the company’s management.

Olivier Sergent, President of Mecatherm, said: “We are delighted to begin this new, ambitious development phase with Unigrains. This partnership will enable us to offer more added value, services and support to our clients thanks to the strategic and financial backing of our growth projects and via synergies with the French Grain Growers Association.”