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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | November 20, 2019

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The complete programme

The complete programme

Daxner engages in high-performance process-engineering solutions for plants handling powders and bulk goods inclusive liquids.

Our strength is the development of innovative and custom-designed complete concepts – from the reception of the raw materials, from innovative individual components for storage, discharge, screening, conveying, dosing and weighing of raw materials right through to the finished product. Our plants, equipped with components in hygienic design, provide energy efficiency, high flexibility for product changeovers, and easy cleaning. Another essential objective is to ensure utmost mixing accuracy and to enable a gentle and hygienic addition of micro ingredients.

Accordingly, the Daxner pre- and sour dough equipment, which is trimmed to your individual needs and products, forms reliably operating systems with an extensive range of accessories. Daxner machines can be tailored to integrate into your existing production, offer considered solutions for high or low dough yield, and guarantee easily reproducible product quality and hygienic production.

The pre- and sour dough delivery programme for every requirement includes flour and bruised grains, barley and wheat, cooled or non-cooled, mobile or stationary, flexible and rigid guides, one- or multi-level, manual or automatic filling, as well as the discharge via volumetric dosing or weighing.

The new generation of pre- and sour dough systems convinced with a precise temperature control through pillow-plate technology, a completely hygienic tank design without corners and edges, improved round type stirring paddles, flexible container heights, etc.

Daxner offers a complete programme, which incorporates every phase of special bakery production. For example, when the production of liquid yeast or the milling of residual bread are concerned. The rework processor daxRec offers a near complete utilisation of pre-existing resources. With this special process and technique leftover bread or dough can be reused. This provides not only calculative benefits but also an enhanced freshness and shelf life, as well as a flavour optimisation.