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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | February 29, 2020

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Sustainable soya from UK producers

Sustainable soya from UK producers

Always committed to the core principles of sustainable development and supporting UK soya growers, AB MAURI is working in conjunction with Soya UK and fully expect UK-sourced crop to make up an increased proportion of their total supply, within the next 12 months.

In parallel to their increased procurement of UK sustainable soya, AB MAURI are also forecasting significant growth in demand for their sustainable soya products during the forthcoming year. Particularly within the general Grocery Sector, in addition to their core Bakery Market.

“We believe sustainability makes good sense for our business, our people, and our planet,” said Stephen Tutt, Head of Supply Chain and Procurement, AB MAURI UK & Ireland. “Soya UK’s overall approach to sustainability and yields is impressive. They are certified as producing sustainable soya under the BM Trada Soya Certification scheme, an internationally recognised standard. Unquestionably, the UK soya bean has excellent environmental credentials.”

Sam Cook, Marketing Business Partner, AB MAURI UK & Ireland, added, “This is a timely announcement in light of the current and ongoing drive by the UK Grocery Sector, towards sustainably sourced products. In the case of soya, every ton of UK product we could use is another ton that does not need to be imported from half a world away.”