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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | December 3, 2020

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SternLife introduces two new protein concepts

SternLife introduces two new protein concepts

SternLife, manufacturer of functional foods and food supplements, has unveiled two new   concepts for “promising market placement” of functional bars.

Its Vegan Deluxe concepts has been described to “blend excellent taste with a high-quality nutrient profile to capitalise on the vegan megatrend”. The prototype bar delivers 25% of plant proteins from pea, soy and rice, as well as 13% of saturating dietary fibres, and less than one 1% sugar. It combines a delicious cookie base with caramel creme.

Indulgence is the focus of the second concept, Grand Deluxe – an innovation that allows for nearly one-quarter (22%) of the bar to consist of filling.

Lüder Holsten, Product Manager at SternLife, said: “Our special focus is on those segments that still offer good positioning opportunities. There is definitely space for improvement when it comes to the existing range of vegan protein bars. This has inspired us to develop the Vegan Deluxe concept. Our Grand Deluxe concept is the best example of a new generation of protein bars. Never before has there been so much filling in an industrially produced functional bar.”