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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | January 17, 2021

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St Pierre adds Millionaires Waffle to ‘On-the-Go’ range

St Pierre adds Millionaires Waffle to ‘On-the-Go’ range

St Pierre is extending its ‘On-the-Go’ range with the launch of the new individually-wrapped. The new product reportedly taps into two current consumer trends – the growth of the food-to-go sector and the increasing popularity of indulgence foods.

Made to an authentic Dutch recipe, the St Pierre Millionaires Waffle is topped with caramel and is coated in Belgian chocolate. Each individually wrapped 45g waffle is available in selected WHSmith travel stores and is due to launch in a leading UK supermarket later this year.

The food-to-go sector continues to move at a rapid pace, and is predicted to reach £23.4 billion in 2024, a 26% increase on 2019, which is double the 13% growth of the wider UK food and retail grocery market over the same period. In line with increasing consumer demand for indulgent products, sales of St Pierre Caramel Waffles alone increased 32% year-on-year over the summer months.

As well as consumer demand for eating ‘on-the-go’ showing no signs of slowing down, shoppers’ palates are becoming more sophisticated with consumers looking for products that engage them across a number of touch points, not just taste and convenience. 

Jeremy Gilboy, Founder, St Pierre Groupe comments: “The new Millionaires Waffle adds a new dimension to the already popular St Pierre ‘On-the-Go’ range, which we have seen grow significantly since its launch in 2018. As a trailblazing brand, our creative team have developed a product that not only tastes delicious but taps into a number of consumer trends, whilst offering simple indulgence on-the-go.”

The Millionaires Waffle joins the St Pierre ‘On-the-Go’ range, which has a wide variety of products tailored to different times of day, from Croissants and Pains au Chocolat for breakfast, to Vanilla Brioche Swirls and Chocolate Chip Brioche Rolls for lunch, and Caramel Waffles for snacking any time of day.