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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | October 1, 2020

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Real Bread Campaign launches the Sourdough Loaf Mark

Real Bread Campaign launches the Sourdough Loaf Mark

With less than a month until the start of the 8th annual, international Sourdough September, the Real Bread Campaign has launched a sourdough companion to the Real Bread Loaf Mark.

Loaf at first sight 

The Campaign continues to call for a legal definition of sourdough and mandatory full ingredient labelling for all loaves. In the meantime, the new mark is a visual aid for shoppers looking for genuine sourdough bread, helping bakers and retailers to give their customers an at-a-glance assurance of which loaves, rolls, pizzas etc. are.

Bakers sign an annual usage agreement that they will only display The Real Bread Loaf Mark to market products made without the use of processing aids, chemical leavening or other additives. They agree only to use The Sourdough Loaf Mark to market Real Bread that is leavened only using a live sourdough starter culture.


Real Bread Campaign coordinator Chris Young said: “With no legal definition of sourdough in the UK and elsewhere, people are at the mercy of industrial loaf fabricators, multiple retailers, and even some smaller operators, choosing to use the word disingenuously or downright misleadingly. This new Sourdough Loaf Mark is a stopgap symbol to support Real Bread bakers, and for shoppers seeking a simple solution to shunning sourfaux for any and all reasons they do so.”

The lack of legal definition has resulted in consumer bodies tasked with protecting people from being misled reporting that they are powerless to stop companies using the word sourdough to name and market products made using baker’s yeast and/or food additives. In 2015, the Campaign coined the term sourfaux to refer to such items.

In November 2018, Michael Gove sent the Campaign a written assurance that the UK government would conduct a post-Brexit review of loaf labelling and marketing laws. Almost two years later there is still not even a firm timetable for this review. The Real Bread Campaign will resume its decade-long lobbying for an Honest Crust Act after Parliament returns from its summer recess.

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