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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | September 20, 2020

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Puratos UK launches Sprouted Grains Whitepaper

Puratos UK launches Sprouted Grains Whitepaper

Puratos UK has launched a complimentary whitepaper titled ‘How Your Bakery Can Benefit from Sprouted Grains. ’The report follows the continued growth in popularity of sprouted grains, with new product launches containing sprouted grains having increased by 23% each year, for the past ten years[1].

Puratos’ global 2019 Taste Tomorrow* trend report also revealed sprouted grains to be one of the top ingredient trends of the year, with consumers seeing them as both tasty and healthy.

The white paper explores the reasons behind the growing popularity of sprouted grains and how customers can use them for maximum benefit. Amongst other topics, the report examines how the sprouting process works, the taste and texture benefits of sprouted grains and the ‘healthy halo’ surrounding them.

The unique flavour profile of sprouted grains is also explored in the report. During the sprouting process starch content is reduced and natural sugars occur, these offer a natural sweetness which can be used to add sweetness to products without the need for sugar.

Sprouted grains are very much in line with today’s consumers’ demand for natural, nutritious and healthy products. This positive perception was demonstrated in a largescale consumer study[2], that asked consumers, “Do you think the following ingredients will have a positive or negative impact on your health?” More than two-thirds (70%) of the participants responded that sprouted grains would have a positive impact on their health, while only 4% thought they might have adverse effects; 18% of the responses were neutral, and 8% of participants indicated they were not familiar with sprouted grains.

The unique sprouting process behind Puratos Sprouted Grains is also explained. In addition to the standard soaking, germination and growing phases, as a fourth step, Puratos’ sprouted grains also go through a natural, spontaneous fermentation process. This fermentation further boosts the flavour of the grains and enables complete flavours molecules to develop. Puratos grains also offer texture benefits. As the grains are not fully dried and remain intact, they pop open once bitten into, releasing a burst of fruity, malted and caramel flavours.

Puratos offers a variety of grain and seed solutions, such as the Sproutgrain range, which includes ready-to-use, sprouted and fermented whole grains and seeds which can be used to add taste, texture and fibre. The Sproutgrain Rye in Syrup is one example. These soft, moist sprouted and fermented rye kernels in syrup are easy to use, versatile, and offer a delicious malted flavour.

On the launch of the white paper, Jo Greengrass, Sales Director, Puratos UK, said; “With sprouted grains growing in popularity and expected to continue to do so in 2020, we hope this white paper helps our customers maximise this trend for their own benefit. Sprouted grains are versatile and easy to use and we look forward to working with our customers to help them include sprouted grains in their own baking innovations and forthcoming product launches.”

The release of the white paper follows the launch last month of Puratos Malt, which saw Puratos and Estonian Malt join forces after six years of close collaboration, to offer an enhanced sprouted grain offering and shape the future of sprouted grains together.

The whitepaper is available now on the Puratos UK website here.

*Taste Tomorrow 2019, A Foodstep into the Future