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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | August 14, 2020

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Puratos launches SMOOBEES spheres

Puratos launches SMOOBEES spheres

Puratos has launched SMOOBEES – a new taste experience in patisserie. The concept has its origins in molecular gastronomy, where chefs have experimented with capturing flavours in spheres in order to create new sensorial experiences for consumers.

Consumers increasingly wanting to be wowed and share ‘instagrammable’ foods on social media and SMOOBEES give a whole new visual to products, with their unique structure and bright fresh colours.

Adding fillings, fresh fruit or other inclusions to cakes can often be technically challenging for manufacturers (for example the need for injection equipment, frozen storage, bake stability), SMOOBEES offer manufacturers a new creative playground to explore, without having to adapt their production processes. Moreover, while other inclusions can dry out products over time, SMOOBEES add extra indulgence, freshness and moist, flavourful pockets to every bite of cake.

SMOOBEES are available in Blueberry, Lemon and Caramel flavours. Each variety are suitable for vegans, natural and the fruit options contain up to 30% fruit. SMOOBEES can be used in a variety of cakes and baked goods, they’re mix and bake stable and require no new equipment – meaning bakers and manufacturers can easily substitute them for flavours used in existing processes.

Victoria Forward, Application Specialist Industrial Patisserie, Puratos UK comments; Our patisserie expertise and passion at Puratos means we have been able to adapt an idea which has its roots in molecular gastronomy, to the needs of patisserie producers. We have developed a uniquely creative and fun inclusion solution in SMOOBEES, which is light and airy, yet creamy and indulgent – certain to delight today’s and tomorrow’s consumer.