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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | January 17, 2019

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ProSweets to focus on the ever-changing ingredient trend

ProSweets to focus on the ever-changing ingredient trend

In just a few weeks time, the Kennedy’s team will once again be heading down to Cologne, Germany for this year’s ProSweets and ISM exhibitions. A true highlight of the year as far as innovation and new product development goes, the events always provide an intriguing glimpse into the future of the bakery sector – and this year is no different, with natural ingredients already highlighted as a key growth area and an area of continued innovation.

Specifically, snack manufacturers are moving away from artificial ingredients and creating products with significantly lower sugar and fat content. They are striving for more natural tastes, colours and consistencies, and in order to adapt the sensory and nutritional characteristics in a natural way, the manufacturers are making use of the opportunities of the ingredients supplier industry.

In addition to small and medium-sized companies, market-leading organisations such as Döhler, GNT and Olam will all be present at ProSweets, each with very unique offerings that are well worth investigating. KBP will be reporting on many of these exhibits in the coming weeks.

A consumer study by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science comes to the conclusion that over half of consumers are interested in more healthy sweets and snacks, and that they place great value on more than 60 percent of natural ingredients. This is a trend that a traditional company such as the bakery Coppenrath – with its almost 200-year history – is also very aware of. Six sugar-free all-season cakes as well as two sugar and at the same time lactose-free almond cookies aim to appease consumers who want to enjoy food in a particularly conscious way. This example demonstrates that there is a stronger differentiation today, compared to a few years ago, when it comes down to biscuits and snacks. Healthy foodstuffs are increasingly positioning themselves on the market according to the criteria what they don't contain. Claims such as "sugar-free" and "lactose-free" are beginning to break away from their niche existence and becoming mainstream instead. "Brands particularly profit from marketing health and naturalness," confirms Julia Büch, food and drink analyst at Mintel. The industry reacts to the preferences of the consumers with recipe adaptions and the development of new products.

In addition, the search for an alternative for sugar is reflected by the long-standing commitment of the food industry. The ingredients specialists are supporting the industry hereby with functional carbohydrates that are intended to replace the traditional granulated sugar without compromising the quality. Product developers, who implement these cleverly combined with plant fibres can in this way reduce the calories and at the same time improve the mouthfeel, creaminess and texture.

– For more on the latest trends and other breaking news emerging from this year’s ProSweets show, please stay tuned to our website and magazine for further coverage.