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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | May 29, 2020

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Paul Rhodes Bakery launches new ‘Mastercrafted’ range

Paul Rhodes Bakery launches new ‘Mastercrafted’ range

Paul Rhodes Bakery, the London-based leading independent bakery established by former Michelin-starred chef Paul Rhodes, has announced the introduction of a distinctive new 14-strong range, borne out of a renewed focus on ingredient provenance, true artisanal production techniques, and a firm commitment to sustainability and supporting independent British farmers.
Reflecting tradition, heritage and Paul Rhodes Bakery’s passion for handcrafted bread, the range is called Mastercrafted.
The new Mastercrafted products, which have been more than a year in development, are made predominantly from British-grown, diverse and alternative grains, some of which - such as emmer - have been virtually forgotten. The new breads also prioritise the use of stone-ground flour, milled in the UK, ensuring a much greater inclusion of bran and germ, which ultimately delivers more flavour, and a more nutritious loaf.
Selected Mastercrafted products, such as the award-winning Seeded Porridge Sour (2018 Great British Taste Award-winner) and Villages Sour, made with Villages Brewery’s Rafiki IPA, as well as spent grain, a by-product from the production process at Villages’ Deptford base, were introduced as solo launches last year. However, these long fermentation, naturally leavened loaves proved so popular that the bakery decided to develop further breads using the same approach to ingredient sourcing and production, to sit alongside them as a standalone range.