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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | July 2, 2020

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Pack a protein punch

Pack a protein punch

Health trends have evolved; in 2019, developing healthy foods is as much about proactively adding functional ingredients for nutritional enhancement, as it is about removing fats and sugars.

Product launches containing alternative plant based ingredients increased 62% globally between 2013-17, and “High in Protein” front of pack claims experienced a 27% rise in 2016/17 alone*. However, capitalising on the plant protein trend poses a series of challenges for food manufacturers, as proteins often unintentionally alter the flavour profiles of products.

In response to this, Ulrick & Short has developed a new protein with a neutral taste and minimal flavour impact. The new clean label ingredient, complexTM 20, is the latest addition to their protein range, and it promises to allow manufacturers to both develop healthier products, and advertise front of pack “Source of/High in Protein” claims without significantly altering the flavour profiles of the finished product.

complexTM 20 is clean label, non-GM and vegan, making it suitable for a range of applications, including bakery and snacks products such as cereal bars and flapjacks, meat substitutes, vegan and vegetarian products, and ready meals. Another key feature is the very high protein content, meaning that that it can be applied at a significantly lower percentage while still reaching those all-important 12% and 20% claim benchmarks.

“As consumer knowledge grows, consumers are demanding healthier and tastier products across all sectors,” explained Ulrick & Short Development Technologist, Emma Walker. “Protein claims are now no longer confined to niche products and the sports nutrition sector, they are in the mainstream with bakery, snacks and ready meal sectors all experiencing massive growth of alternative proteins and protein claims.

“When adding proteins there is often an undesirable impact on taste. The end goal is to be able to make protein claims and improve nutritionals without people knowing is it any different to the standard product. complexTM 20 proves that protein fortification doesn’t have to alter the flavour of finished products.”

*Innova Market Insights. “Ingredient application: protein Power – An NPD Surge.” February 2019.