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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | December 3, 2020

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Nutella and Bakedin launches brioche baking kit

Nutella and Bakedin launches brioche baking kit

Nutella and Bakedin have teamed up to launch a new Brioche Bun Baking Kit in response to the recent home-baking trend that has “boomed” this year.

The new offering will give consumers the opportunity to enjoy the distinctive chocolate hazelnut spread with a brioche bun recipe created by experts.

The ‘Nutella Brioche Baking Kit’ includes the exact amount of dry ingredients needed to create 12 brioche buns, along with a 200g jar of Nutella.

James Stewart, Marketing Director at Nutella UK, commented: “The popularity of home baking exploded in recent months, with the term ‘Baking’ mentioned in posts 130% more than over the last three months than in the previous period. Lockdown saw a significant increase in people using Nutella as a topping in creative ways to produce innovative breakfast options which has led to a value sales gain of +34% over the lockdown period.

“This great partnership provides a new and innovative way for consumers to experience one of our most iconic products in the perfect 15g portion. The launch of this kit will bring high quality baking direct to consumers and shows Nutella’s versatility in exciting new recipes.”

Joseph Munns, Founder of Bakedin, added: “As a growing start-up, we’re extremely excited to partner with Nutella to create this delicious baking kit. We know consumers are turning to baking more than ever; membership to our subscription baking club grew 1200% during lockdown. Our philosophy is all about homemade happiness, and this partnership paves the way to offer a new, high quality and fun home-baking experience.”

The Nutella Brioche Baking Kit is available from Bakedin Baking Club, and shoppers can enjoy a 20% discount when the code ‘Nutella20’ is used at check-out.