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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | December 3, 2020

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More yum, less tum

More yum, less tum

IMAGE: Eurostar Commodities has launched their first Gluten Free Flour, developed for versatility in producing a variety of different high quality products

With the ever-growing obesity crisis being linked directly to the food we consume, Public Health England (PHE) have set specific targets for manufacturers, which they will need to comply with by 2020.

One of PHE's targets is to see a 20% reduction in sugar across items sold. Food Standard’s Agency has also released results from their Public Attitudes Survey, which showed that 50% of respondents were most worried about the sugar in their diet after it was ranked the number one food concern.

This highlights that public attitudes are changing, and they are showing increased interest about what is in their food.

In light of the above, Kells has assessed their existing range of cake blends and are pleased to confirm that the majority of the Kells Crème Cake range can be used to make bases that comply with the new PHE sugar reduction targets.

Excellent structure

When made to the recommended recipe, all the above blends produce cakes that have less than 27.9% sugar in the final bake, meeting the PHE target of 20% reduction. The mixes also have no artificial sweeteners, and the bakes have excellent structure and flavour.

In addition, Kells has recently launched their new lower sugar blend, which is available in their popular Plain Crème Cake blend. With more flavours due to be added, this mix has 13.8% sugar, making it 43% less than the standard Crème Cake Blend. This allows bakers to decorate the cakes as they would do usually, without compromise and still have 30% reduction in sugar, in comparison to a standard equivalent cake.

Kells also offers bespoke blends, which can be based on a customer recipe, but using Kells’ technologies to achieve the required sugar reduction.

“Across the industry, there is a growing trend to reduce sugar following PHE targets that were set in 2016,” said Robert Mosse, Kells’ MD. “From this we are seeing numerous food manufacturers making changes to their food and drink products. This is why it’s so important for us to make blends that meet PHE standards, but that still look and taste great. With our expertise in innovation, we are always happy to help our customers on their bespoke needs, which also includes our reduced sugar range.”

Gluten free

Philip Bull, MD of Eurostar Commodities, told us that there is a massive trend towards gluten-free, but that the quality must be paramount in making any choices.

“There are excellent high quality options available but the industry does need to understand that this is what consumers are demanding,” he explained. “We recognise the increasing consumer demand for gluten-free products. However, within the category there is also a demand for a versatile all-rounder to give businesses, restaurants, cafes and foodservice providers a top quality product that is versatile enough for multiple uses. We wanted to create a product that has excellent extensibility that is consistently reliable and ultimately tastes incredible – certainly as good as, if not better than similar products which contain gluten.”

Eurostar Commodities has launched their first Gluten Free Flour, a premium all-rounder developed for versatility in producing a variety of different high quality products, including pizza dough.

Alternative diets

Gluten-free, coeliac-friendly, higher in fibre and vegan, the product has been developed to handle like a traditional flour and offers significant quality in the category.

“Created by our technical development team the flour is milled in Italy using a traditional Italian technique,” Philip added. “This new high-end premium top quality gluten free flour has been developed for excellent, consistent performance for bakery, cakes and desserts as well as all styles of gluten free pizza bases including Neapolitan, plus speciality breads like focaccia and ciabatta.

“With customers embracing alternative diets there has been sustained growth year on year with Euromonitor forecasting the global gluten free retail market at $4.7bn by 2020 (up from $3.5bn in 2016). Gluten-free foods have been consumed for many years by those with coeliac disease, a disorder in which their immune system reacts to gluten, a protein found in grains such as wheat and barley.”

Reduced sugar

Premier Foods is offering cake lovers a better-for-you alternative with its popular Mr Kipling Angel and Chocolate Slices containing 30% less sugar (compared to a standard Mr Kipling slice). Each reduced sugar slice contains just 100 calories, meaning health conscious shoppers can still enjoy a treat and retailers can offer more choice in the cake aisle.

The iconic Angel Slice is a best-seller within the Mr Kipling range, worth £20m across two popular pack formats (IRI latest 52 week ending Feb 19). The launch of a lower sugar variation of these already popular slices will offer consumers a healthier alternative from a well-known brand that will help increase sales.

“With health so high on the agenda at the moment it couldn’t be a better time for the brand to launch a lower sugar version of well-loved products,” said Mathew Bird, Brand Director for Sweet Treats at Premier Foods. “The sponges come in our snack pack format, meaning consumers can conveniently eat on the go. As consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about their food choices, our snack packs are also a great way for them to exercise portion control. Following the successful launch of Mr Kipling Reduced Sugar Fruit Slices - which has recently won a Product of the Year award - we’re looking forward to seeing how the Reduced Sugar Angel and Chocolate Slices are received.”

Healthier products

Puratos UK offer a range of solutions that deliver healthier products that still provide great quality and taste, such as reduced sugar cake mixes and lower sodium sourdoughs.

“As sugar has such a big impact on the taste and texture of baked goods, it is important that reduced sugar formulations do not negatively affect this,” explained James Slater, R&D Director, Puratos UK. “Cakes are a good example of how sugar can affect taste and texture, as the presence of sugar in the batter has a strong impact on the way a cake sets in the oven and stales over life. The lower the sugar, the more we approach bread-like textures that are firmer and have a stronger propensity to stale quickly. At Puratos UK we innovate to come up with technical solutions which allow our customers to reduce sugar without losing flavour and texture.”

One example of this is Puratos UK’s Satin Savoury Mix, which can be used to create a range of delicious savoury patisserie options including cakes, pastries, muffins and more and is naturally sugar free. Requiring the addition of only water, egg and oil, as well as any inclusions such as cheese or vegetables, the mix is easy to use, freeze-stable and guaranteed to provide consistent results and a soft and moist texture every time.

Reduced salt

“The challenge around salt also remains prevalent and a priority for bakers and manufacturers,” added James. “As salt affects the taste and texture of baked goods, its role in bakery is fundamental and at Puratos we offer a number of reduced salt solutions, including sourdoughs. Puratos have been leaders in sourdough for over three decades and during that time have developed a number of lower sodium solutions that still deliver the quality that our customers expect from a great sourdough.

“Our Sapore sourdough range is a great example and offers a variety of products that will improve flavour, whilst simultaneously reducing salt.”

As well as removing salt and sugar, adding ingredients which contain fibre, wholegrains and proteins, such as grains and seeds, can make baked goods healthier, as well as boost flavour.

“Our Sapore softgrain range offers a variety of grains that are soaked and boiled in sourdough giving them a delicious burst of flavour and a soft moist bite,” James said.

Using vegetables and fruit fillings in patisserie, pastry and cakes is another way to increase the health credentials of finished goods in these categories. We manufacture a variety of preservative-free fruit fillings, with over 90% fruit integrity, via our Asceptic line. From standard fruit filings, to injectable pastes, there is a solution for every product.”

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