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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | March 4, 2021

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MINIPAN obtains the M.O.C.A. certificate

MINIPAN obtains the M.O.C.A. certificate

MINIPAN designs and realises standard and custom industrial lines & machinery for the bakery industry: from bread to bread snacks, from biscuits and cookies to gluten-free products.

The M.O.C.A. certificate, released by ICIM S.p.a. as a certification body, assures the correct compliance of all MINIPAN machinery with legislative requirements, the adoption of good manufacturing practices, and respect of all safety requirements to protect health. The M.O.C.A. statues not only that all MINIPAN components are safe, but even that the production process itself respects the highest hygiene and safety standards, avoiding any risk of contamination of the raw materials.

To grant the M.O.C.A. certificate, voluntarily asked by MINIPAN, ICIM S.p.a. analyzed all the documentation of the productive process, of machinery and materials, and identified possible transfers through lab tests. ICIM S.p.a. also conducted an internal audit in the factory, which will be repeated every year, to evaluate if the production follows the correct procedures, how suppliers are chosen and managed, how raw materials are stored, and so on. After the internal audit, and the positive results from the test lab, ICIM S.p.a. released the certificate which will be valid for five years.

The MOCA Certificate testifies MINIPAN commitment to do business sustainably and responsibly, complying with every regulation and putting safety first.