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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | January 17, 2019

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Latest Bundy Baking Solutions range shows design strength

Latest Bundy Baking Solutions range shows design strength

Developing innovative solutions for the baking industry has been a key mission for Baking Bundy Solutions. Neill Barston speaks to Jason Tingley, Vice President of its American Pan Brand on its latest developments.

With more than fifty years of industry expertise to its name, US-based Bundy Baking Solutions has proved among the key innovators in its field.

The company has gained particular renown for being at the forefront of bakery pan designs that have made it a major player in the segment for markets around the world.

In addition, the Ohio-headquartered business has also built up a strong reputation for its industrial mixers, as well as setting the standard for pre-owned bakery equipment.

As Jason Tingley, Vice President of its American Pan brand, explains, the company has enjoyed a successful year amid its ambitious expansion plans within Europe this summer.

These have centred on the acquisition of the FSB Prestige division of Fluorocarbon Ltd, comprising of three coating facilities in the UK, and a pan manufacturing facility in Romania.

“We’ve enjoyed a great year this year - on the customer side of the business we have done a lot of new product launches which is what has really driven the business in 2017.

“It’s fantastic to have expanded the business in Europe. We have been exporting from Ohio, but having new European facilities in the UK and Romania enables us to improve our service to customers there,” enthused the Vice President on its rising fortunes.

Having worked for the business for more than 25 years, he revealed American Pan has made significant progress in utilising latest technology trends that have informed the design of its equipment.

Among its key developments has been the creation of its energy efficient ePan and e2Pan series developed originally for buns and rolls, but now available for some bread and cake pans. These have been devised to be up to 50% lighter and cool up to 25% faster than traditional pan equipment. Their high tensile strength aluminized steel and energy savings features have prompted an extremely positive response from industry, according to the American Pan Vice President.

“With the development of the ePan, its metal design is easier to use than conventional pans because of its ergonomics. Industrial bakeries can remove thousands of pounds from the bakery system, which is important because the pans require less time and space for cooling and cause less wear on bakery systems. Its launch has been received well by the industry and some of the largest industrial bakeries have adopted these pans,” adds Mr Tingley, who said it had been especially satisfying during his career to help deliver a host of individual solutions to bakery businesses.

He explained that another significant trend within the market had been an increased demand for larger pan sizes in order to deal with higher volume requirements within many modern bakeries. This has required further technical innovation from American Pan engineers in meeting these enhanced specifications for its customers around the world.

Another of the company’s significant breakthroughs has come with its Smart Pan Tracking system, with pans being uniquely laser marked. From there, sensors and readers are installed on bakery conveyors, with subsequent equipment usage data being automatically uploaded to a secure website where data can then be reviewed to evaluate stock replenishment.

According to Mr Tingley, the system enabled companies to maximise coating life of pans, that would “ensure that you get the full value from your line,” which he said had also received particularly positive feedback from the industry.
As well as its pan series, the company’s fluoropolymer coating options designed for new and refinished pans have been devised to market-leading specifications.

This includes its DuraShield product, which has been devised to offer a long lasting release life and best release characteristics for baked goods spanning everything from bread and buns, through to cakes, which is joined by a companion product, the Optishield for extreme temperature conditions. The company also offers silicone glaze coating for their pans and has pan refurbishment facilities in Europe for both the silicone glaze and fluoropolymer coatings.