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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | July 2, 2020

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Hovis donates 50,000 bread loaves to FareShare charity

Hovis donates 50,000 bread loaves to FareShare charity

Hovis has donated almost 50,000 loaves of bread to the food distribution charity FareShare during the coronavirus crisis, with 30,000 loaves donated to the charity in April, and more than 19,950 in the first three weeks of May.

The company has had a partnership with FareShare since 2017 and increased the number of loaves donated in April to meet the surge in demand that FareShare experienced as people struggled to get hold of food amid panic buying.

FareShare collects good-to-eat, in-date and surplus food and donates it to more than 11,000 front-line charities, including to homeless shelters, school breakfast clubs, lunch clubs for the elderly and community cafés. Most of these charities have now adapted to deliver food to people’s doorsteps or to safe collection points.

In 2018/19 FareShare distributed 46.5 million meals worth of food, but an extra 500 new charities signed up to receive food from it in March, 80% of which were providing food parcels.

Nick Taylor, Site Manager, at Hovis’s Nottingham bakery, said: “At this incredibly challenging time for the UK, it is vital that we all pull together to help those whose livelihoods have been affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

“While we cannot hope to replicate the heroic work being done by NHS workers and care staff on the front line, Hovis can help by donating good food to those in need, helping to fight hunger and cut food waste at the same time.”

Ashley Davies, FareShare Commercial Manager, said the company’s donations would benefit many of those who were most in need during the crisis, and the charity was extremely grateful.