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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | October 14, 2019

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Health experts say sugar is “the new tobacco”


A new anti-sugar campaign from Action on Sugar (U.K.), a team of health experts from around the world, has stated that sugar is “the new tobacco.”
The campaign is calling on food and drink manufacturers to gradually reduce the amount of sugar in their products by 20-30% over a five-year period. Action on Sugar is also looking to limit the amount of sugar consumption in the U.K. to no more than 5% of total energy intake while urging the government to enforce a “sugar tax” on companies that do not follow these guidelines. These objectives have been created after the group has said sugar is behind an obesity and diabetes epidemic, with an aim to make the public more aware of the amount of sugar found in food while urging consumers to avoid products with high amounts of hidden sugars.
The campaign is modelled on Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH), a previous group that set targets to reduce salt consumption in the U.K. After application, the results saw U.K. salt intake reduce by 15% between 2001 and 2011. Action on Sugar says a 20-30% decrease of added sugar could cut up to 100 calories per day for the average person which is predicted to have a significant impact on the obesity epidemic.