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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | December 3, 2020

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Groupe Roullier acquires Belgium-based bakery supplier

Groupe Roullier acquires Belgium-based bakery supplier

Animal and plant nutrition firm Groupe Roullier has acquired Belgium-based bakery supplier Alysse Food.

Alysse Food was established in 1995 and produces American-inspired pastries and baked goods in Europe. Its range of products are expected to complement the existing offering by Pâtisseries Gourmandes, which has a €144 (£127) million turnover and is also owned by Roullier.

This acquisition is part of Roullier’s aim to cement its position as a key player in industrial pastry production in France.

According to the firm, this acquisition is also part of its Agri-Food Division’s development project and will “allow it to broaden its expertise in pastries and baked goods while opening up international avenues for development”.

Mickaël Le Jossec, head of Agri-Food within Groupe Roullier, said: “This project maintains our current momentum and will allow us to take further steps towards international development.”

Joseph Kupchik, the current Deputy CEO and the son of Samuel Kupchik, will remain at Alysse Food’s helm under the supervision of Mickaël Le Jossec.