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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | July 18, 2019

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Givaudan reveals new approach to satisfying sugar reduction

Givaudan reveals new approach to satisfying sugar reduction

A global leader in the creation of flavours and fragances, working in close collbaboration with partners, Givaudan has unveiled its new reduced-sugar products that "still aim to satisfy".

These products will have a 50% reduction of a sugar without sweeteners being added, in an aim to deliver the global consumers interest in healthier options, in relation to ever growing health concerns. The challenge being combining healthier, lighter products that still act an enjoyable treat which appeal to the consumers.

Having worked with a Michelin Star Chef, they investigated what ingredients and factors were important besides sweetness and discovered a range of natural ingredients and techniques that they could utilise to develop interesting, complex flavours and texture.

Nely Vasblom, Product Manager Beverages, explained: “Increasingly, the food industry is being challenged by the public and regulators to play its part in reducing sugar consumption. In Europe and across the Middle East and Africa we have seen fiscal measures, such as taxes introduced on sugar sweetened beverages, to encourage people to consume less sugar.

“Alongside this, we have also seen consumers becoming much more conscious about what they eat, seeking out healthy, low sugar products that don’t use sugar alternatives and a shift in taste preferences for some consumers, towards less sweet drinks and products.

“It is this underserved consumer space that we have focused on to deliver natural, less sweet products with a fully satisfying taste. We think this will offer an exciting new approach for our customers seeking to address the challenges of sugar reduction.”

Givaudan and Michelin starred Chef Thomas Buehner, launched the event at Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal culinary school in Amsterdam recently, where two consumer concepts were tested including: a 50% reduced sugar orange drink and a new reduced sugar peach yoghurt drink. In order to achieve success, a new technique called Holistic language has been developed, which uses sensory-profilling methodology, allowing Givaudan to understand consumers experience.