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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | September 20, 2020

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Doughnut innovation fuelled by more adventurous consumers

Doughnut innovation fuelled by more adventurous consumers

Dawn Foods, a global manufacturer and ingredients supplier to bakeries around the world, has released findings from its inaugural ‘Doughnut Day’ survey that found the majority of Gen Z (those aged 18-21) and Millennial (those aged 22-34) consumers (82%) are interested in trying unique and adventurous doughnut flavours.

For nearly 100 years, Dawn has partnered with bakers around the world to help them generate unique ideas and deliver original tastes and flavours to their customers. These bakers are continuing to innovate in the doughnut category, with traditional favourites such as chocolate glazed doughnuts being joined by increasingly unusual flavours such as ‘grilled cheese’ and ‘pickle-flavoured’ versions.

Additional survey findings include the following.

  • Doughnuts are still a popular treat: More than a third of consumers (37%) eat them at least once a month
  • Classic flavours remain strong: Despite the interest in new varieties, more than 50% prefer classic doughnut dough flavors such as chocolate (22%), plain (16%) and old fashioned (13%)
  • Younger audiences are most likely to branch out: As mentioned, 82% of Millennials and Generation Z consumers are interested in trying new and unique donut flavours
  • Parents prefer tipsy donuts: Those most interested in trying alcohol-inspired doughnuts were parents (21%)
  • Men are more spicy than the ladies: 7% of men said they would try a spicy donut (containing habanero or sriracha, for instance), while only 5% of women would, findings show

More than 10 billion doughnuts are made each and every year, Dawn Foods states, and the company continues to help bakers come up with inventive recipes.

This year’s Doughnut Day takes place across the globe on June 1.