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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | May 29, 2020

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Demand for California Walnuts continues to grow

Demand for California Walnuts continues to grow

Latest shipment figures for the UK show a year-on-year increase for ‘shelled’ California Walnuts of over 23%, equating to an uplift of 1,482,822 pounds, over 672 metric tonnes (MT). 

The ‘shelled’ shipment figure (as opposed to ‘in-shell’ walnuts) announced on 10th June covers the period 1st September to 31st May 2019 and for the UK market represents a significant increase on 2017/18*. 

Meanwhile as part of the California Walnut Commission’s (CWC) active export marketing programmes, a number of initiatives continue to inspire and encourage the UK food industry to use more California Walnuts. 

With the UK seen as a ready market for innovative new products (flavours and ingredients), more walnut-based products are seeing increasing success. 

In the UK there has been a development on nut butters using California Walnuts, which helps expand the use and perception
of the product to both trade and consumers. 

Recently the UK CWC team have been working closely with BNUTZ, an artisan nut butter producer based in Surrey, creating a product that contains California Walnuts as one of the core ingredients. 

* Source: CWC Shipment figures in May 2019 - shelled pounds - 2017/18: 6,315,454 against 2018/19: 7,798,276.