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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | October 20, 2018

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Debag set to showcase its advanced oven range

Debag set to showcase its advanced oven range

German-based bakery technology company Debag has con will be making a debut appearance at the Sigep trade fair between 20th-24th January 2018 in Rimini.

The company will be showcasing a selection of production and in-store ovens tailored to the target group of bakeries, as well as assistance systems for the automation of baking processes.

Among its key focus areas will be a theme of taking artisan baking taken to the next level. The main selling points of the company’s Monsun baking technology developed by Debag are the quality of the baked goods and maximisation of energy efficiency.

With these ovens, the heat is transferred directly to the dough by convection. As a result, they consume significantly less energy and the air in the baking chamber moves at a very slow speed, frequently changing direction.
This provides consistent heat levels from top to bottom, thereby ensuring rapid crust formation and the all-round browning of baked goods that typifies Monsun technology. At the same time, the inside of the product remains moist and its aroma is fully preserved.

According to the company, its Monsun 672 deck oven is ideal for continuous use in bakery production – minimal footprint, maximum baking surface, low energy consumption and built to last. The oven stands out for robust design, durable technology and extremely low energy consumption (connected load of just 35kW).

A further feature is the extensive baking surface area in relation to the compact footprint of just 1.15m x 2.91m. The deck oven is consequently able to slot neatly into even the most cramped bakery premises.
In addition, Monsun baking technology allows for up to 30% more usage of the baking surface that, in the case of the double-width models, goes up to 13.44m².

Meanwhile, its Monsun Mini is designed for in-store baking of high-quality goods. With its compact outer dimensions and small trays (40cm x 60cm), this oven easily fits into any small space. Nevertheless, it is still capable of baking large volumes, taking up to eight trays per baking cycle.