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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | January 17, 2021

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Dawn Foods launches new lime and mint compound

Dawn Foods launches new lime and mint compound

Dawn Foods has added a naturally vegan Lime & Mint Compound to its range of fruit Compound flavouring pastes. With its fresh, on trend flavour combination, and a nod to the popular Mojito cocktail, Dawn’s new Compound is made with real lime juice concentrate and a hint of spearmint.

The Lime & Mint Compound can be added to mousses, non-dairy creams, ice creams, fillings and frostings to give a delicious summery flavour. The compound benefits from a low water content that allows a wide application in bakery and desserts.  Only a small amount is needed to add a flavoursome punch and a subtle hue to fillings and toppings to transform bakes such as muffins, desserts and patisserie.

Like all the fruit Compounds in the Dawn range, the Lime & Mint variant is made with natural flavours and colours. Pectin, which is found naturally in fruit, is used as the binding ingredient in this product. This means that the Compound is all natural as well as vegan-friendly. It makes an ideal complementary topping for muffins made with Dawn Vegan Crème Cake Mix for example.

Dawn’s chefs have come up with some delicious recipe inspiration using the Lime & Mint Compound for this summer such as Ice Pops, Chocolate Cake, Summer Rolls and a Lime and Mint dessert in a glass, all available on

Dawn offers 15 fruity Compounds featuring high quality ingredients and popular flavours, from Strawberry, Cherry, Pomegranate and Blueberry to Mango, Pineapple and Passionfruit. Other products from the Compounds range feature fashionable ‘coffee shop’ flavours such as Cappuccino, Mocha, Caramel and Pistachio.

Bakers and caterers can pair Compounds with a range of Dawn neutral fillings, custard creams, stabilisers, icing, fondant and cold glazes to create a variety of flavour combinations. And since all the Compounds in the range have a standard viscosity, users will find application fast and easy.

Dawn Lime & Mint Compound is supplied ambient in 1kg sealable tubs for easy storage.