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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | May 29, 2020

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Clean machine

Clean machine

This “idea factory” is not only known for designing and building state of the art wafer production lines…

Hebenstreit’s supply program also includes fully automatic wafer batter and cream preparation systems including the conveying and dosing of the raw materials. In addition they are offering fully automatic cleaning systems for the wafer baking plates using the latest laser cleaning technology. It is the only available system in the market that is not fixed to one machine only, but can be transferred and mounted to several machines only when a cleaning process is needed. Therefore, only one system needs to be available per factory and it can clean various wafer baking machines of their world wide proven BAC series.

Hebenstreit baking machines are known for their strength and long life-time as well as for their highly efficient burner technology, which uses less gas than others and also reduces the CO emissions by more than two thirds.

A step further

Many years ago Hebenstreit has developed a unique baking plate locking technology to increase the baking plate size from 500x350mm to 700x350mm. These jumbo size baking plates are nowadays the standard in every high capacity wafer production plant. Today Hebenstreit even went a step further and they are now offering the world’s largest wafer baking plate size of 1000x350mm. Manufacturer’s benefits can easily be calculated due to the reduced floor space, lower utility consumption, fewer operating personnel - and several other advantages.

Substantial user advantages

In addition Hebenstreit supplies single screw snack extrusion lines for various product shapes. Here the supply program also includes the process equipment for the mixing and feeding of the ingredients. The snack extruder series SE is the only one combining the Turbo technology with the direct drive system which provides substantial advantages to the user. The trends in the snack extrusion nowadays are products with healthier ingredients. The raw material can vary from corn to rice, peas, soya and many others.

Having all this in mind it is needless to say that many of the worldwide popular wafer and snack products are made with Hebenstreit’s technology and support. Contact Hebenstreit – the idea factory - to discover their world of ideas.

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