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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | September 20, 2020

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Chapati goes gluten free

Chapati goes gluten free

Chapati is back on the menu for people with special dietary requirements. Flour experts, Eurostar Commodities has created a high-quality Gluten Free Chapati Flour, developed specially to produce outstanding chapati with the softness and flexibility required for producing consistent natural and wholesome tasting results.

The flour is milled using a traditional technique and is gluten free, coeliac friendly, higher in fibre and vegan, and can be used like a traditional flour. Philip Bull, MD, Eurostar Commodities said; “For us, the most important thing is quality. If you are cooking at home we wanted to create a product that has excellent extensibility that is consistently reliable and ultimately tastes incredible, with great texture – certainly as good as, if not better than similar products which contain gluten. What many people like is that it also comes in a traditional white flour which is an extremely popular choice.”

Gluten Free Chapati Flour is available online or from a small number of retailers, Mullaco Supermarkets in Dewsbury, Jalpur Millers in Leicester, Kashmir Watan Foodstores in Preston and Setty’s News in Peterborough.

Spelt and Rye chapati flour blends older grains of rye and spelt to produce a tasty chapati, high in quality and with the softness and flexibility required for producing a great result. Rye and spelt give a rich hearty taste and retain a larger quantity of nutrients than other types of grains when milled. They’re a good source of fibre and minerals and are higher in protein than wheat flour. Because they are low GI the products are also good for diabetics.