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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | February 22, 2019

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Bühler showcases SnackFix at ProSweets

Bühler showcases SnackFix at ProSweets

At this year’s ProSweets, currently taking place in Cologne, Bühler is showcasing a new process solution for small batch cereal bar production.

Named the ‘SnackFix’, the new technology comprises a continuous mixer, a small cooling tunnel, and a cutting system. With a flexible and modular design, Bühler believes that this is the ideal equipment for the industrial production of a variety of cereal bars, or the manufacturing of smaller seasonal volumes.

The system is ideal for producing a wide range of cereal bars with a throughput of up to 130 kg/hr, depending on product size and recipe with or without a cooling tunnel, and depending on the product. In combination with other systems, the SnackFix can produce enrobed products and extruded products with or without filling. Thanks to the modular design, the manufacturing of a huge variety of products is possible.

Bühler is also at ProSweets to present complete process solutions for cocoa and chocolate products, nuts, confectionery, pastries, cookies, muesli and energy bars – from raw material to end product, and everything from a single source.