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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | July 18, 2019

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 Balaji Wafers improves production with four Lindor Mixers

 Balaji Wafers improves production with four Lindor Mixers

Balaji, a producer of potato crisps in India, is set to use Lindor’s Gentle Touch Mixer in order to provide “reliability for taste consistency and quality”.

Due to increasing market demand, the Balaji plant in Rajkot (Gujarat) required modernisation and expansion of its production capacity.

Lindor’s Indian partner Food Processing Technologies (FPT) has maintained close ties with the Balaji Group for many years, and together they explored how best to improve the factory’s production process.

Director Virani soon became convinced that Lindor’s Gentle Touch Mixer was the best solution.

Lindor’s Indian partner FPT took care of the engineering and installation of the short process line, of which the mixer is a part. The Lindor mixer discharges very quickly.

The 400 – 500 kg batch is conveyed rapidly, in a few minutes, by a F3 Floveyor. This is a unique aero-mechanical conveyor system that, just like the mixer, is particularly gentle with the product.

After a year during which the process line had proved its reliability, with low operating and energy costs, the Balaji Group decided to equip the process line in the Valsad and Indore factories with the same Lindor mixers.

In total, Lindor has supplied three L1000 mixers with liquid injection, retractable inlets and outlets and a water jet finish.

In addition, Lindor also supplied a fourth mixer, an L500 with a batch volume of 500 litres.

Lindor’s Engineering & Service Manager, Akko van der Lee commented: “The Balaji company is a frontrunner in quality and efficiency in India. In India, they are considered pioneers by their willingness to invest in expensive, Western equipment. We find it a pleasure to work with this company.”