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Kennedy's Bakery Production Magazine | May 29, 2020

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Bakeries lend a helping hand during COVID-19 pandemic

Bakeries lend a helping hand during COVID-19 pandemic

Bread plays an important part in the healthy balanced diet of the nation and is particularly valuable at a time like this. This has ultimately led to bakers working at a maximum capacity and making changes to their systems to maximise production and delivery capabilities.

The following bakeries are adapting with the most recent announcement of stricter measures by the government to encourage social distancing while also making sure the general public can still buy bread:

Paul UK Nationwide

While it has temporarily closed all 37 of its shops in London and Oxford, French artisan bakery Paul will keep ‘The Bread Market’ from its central bakery in Acton open to meet increasing consumer demand for fresh bread during the current crisis and to help alleviate the pressure on supermarkets. It will be open daily from 7am-7pm.

“We have temporarily closed the doors of all of our stores as of today (24 March). Our number one priority is the safety of our teams and customers, and we believe this is the best thing to do to help support social distancing,” said Paul UK, CEO Mark Hilton.

“Our Bread Market remains open, but we have taken steps to ensure queue don’t congregate, marking out lines to denote the acceptable metres social distancing,” added Hilton.

Paul will also continue to donate unsold bread and freshly baked bread pudding to charity, The Felix Project, which distributes surplus fresh food to those in need.

Bread Source Norfolk

Artisan bakery, Bread Source (with five outlets in Norfolk, four in Norwich and one in Aylsham) will be baking 100 loaves available free to people who have recently lost their jobs because of coronavirus. These range from hospitality workers
to chefs, front of house staff and baristas.

The free loaves will also be made available to NHS and social care workers. Other essentials such as milk, eggs and butter will be available for others in need for a 20% discount and bread for £1 a loaf.

Owner Steve Winter said: “We will keep baking until everyone is fed. As bakers we see it as our duty to ensure everyone has access to fresh and nutritious loaves. In these uncertain times, we want to provide you with continuity and reassurance that we will always have your back. We will not stop baking.”

Uncle John’s Bakery London

Uncle John’s is living up to its ethos of family and community by offering NHS staff a free loaf of bread from its West Green Road store in Tottenham.

“This is a very testing time for us all. We are here to support where we can,” the bakery said on Instagram. “As the supermarkets are packed, this may be a quicker and efficient way for an NHS worker to receive an essential for themselves and their family.”

The bakery will also be supplying food boxes to local councils to facilitate those in care homes and do not have easy access to food.

Grants Bakery Corbridge

In a bid to help the elderly people in the Corbridge area, Grants Bakery has teamed up with local greengrocers JA Stobo & Son to offer a free delivery service. Those ages over 65 as well as those self- isolating will take priority with selection of fresh, pies, sausage rolls, pasties and pre-packed cakes offered by Grants Bakery and fresh fruit vegetables from the greengrocers. Information has been shared via social media and leaflets are being delivered to promote the service.

Grants Bakery has also stepped up its hygiene practices. All staff are washing their hands every 15 minutes for at least one minute, with surfaces including card machines and touch screen tills wiped down with the same regularity. Samples have also been removed.